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Okay, bear with me... as I'm sure you've noticed, I'm an AC/DC -Angus Young freak! :)

My husband has been begging me for years to do a (tattoo) portrait of Bon Scott, which I am thrilled about. :D So, now I've got to find a good picture. A large picture. A clear picture. I've found a few but I'd like some more options to show to my husband... so if you've got any pictures of Bon (black & white or color) or know where any can be found, you can mail them to me, send me the photo url, or post them here... I'd love to see them.

Now, as far as portraits go, I think I'm okay... but nothing to brag about. My husband doesn't want anyone else working on him but me... so before I start into this little project, what I really would like to do is get some tips from a master portrait artist... and what better way than to be tattooed myself. My artists of choice are Tom Renshaw or Bob Tyrrell. I'm not positive yet. It really depends on the picture I decide to use.

Sooo... I've got this nice chunk of flesh between my right ankle and knee... and I figure it would hold a pretty nice portrait of Angus Young and his autograph if I'm ever lucky enough to have him sign my leg. :) Hey, I can hope. :P lol... So I'm looking for photos of him too. Again, larger photos work better for capturing detail. If anyone could please send or post a pic or two I'd be forever grateful. :) Thanks in advance for any replies. :D
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